Are prescription costs considered a shareable need?

In general, prescriptions for medication related to a qualifying medical condition are shareable for the customary cost of the first 120 days. (Treatments for cancer and sublingual immunotherapy - a curative treatment for allergies - are not subject to this limitation; medications related to organ transplants are limited to a 12 month duration). All medication, prescribed or not, administered during inpatient hospital stays will be shareable.

Costs of prescriptions for long-term maintenance of a chronic or recurring condition (e.g. diabetes, eczema, blood pressure control) beyond the initial 120-day period are not shareable with the community. Subsequent sharing of prescription for maintenance of the same condition will occur only when there is a new need.

The community will not share expenses for psychotropic medications for chemical imbalances that cannot be verified by laboratory tests.

Prescriptions related to infertility treatments are also not shareable.

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