May I cancel my Membership?

Yes. A Member may stop their Membership at any time by contacting Member Services.  A member's ability to participate in KNEW Health Community activities and to share qualified medical needs simply stops at the end of the month for which they had paid their cost sharing contribution. Previously submitted cost sharing contributions are not refundable after the 15th of the month.  Any unused Coaching sessions will be forfeited.  Whatever qualified medical bills are in the process of being negotiated and/or shared at the time of cancellation will still be fully processed and shared based on the date they were incurred.  

A Member may resume Membership at any time by contacting Member Services. Submitting a new annual Membership fee and the appropriate cost sharing contribution by the 15th of the month will qualify a person to begin receiving services as of the 1st of the following month.  However, Membership restarts as if for a new member with a new effective date; thus any time passed towards sharing of pre-existing conditions will start over relative to the new effective date.  

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