Why are my options for KNEW Health membership more expensive than my existing monthly costs for healthcare/medical support?

The majority of prospective members will find that their KNEW Health membership options are appreciably less expensive than their current monthly healthcare plan costs. Typically much less expensive e.g. 30-80% . However, this will not be the case for absolutely everyone. Individuals who subscribe to a healthcare plan that is significantly subsidized by their employer (or another 3rd party organization) may find that KNEW Health membership is more expensive than their portion of their current plan cost. Employers can vary widely in the generosity of their healthcare cost subsidy.

As an empowered community of individuals, KNEW Health is not subsidized by any organization. Our members have the freedom to choose the medical and wellness practitioners and activities that serve them best. Plus KNEW Health membership includes many wellness-promoting features that are not offered in other healthcare programs. We have heard from a number of KNEW Health members that they are excited to have the freedom to pursue an entrepreneurial career or to change employers while still keeping their monthly health care costs affordable.

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