You said you are working with an experienced Medical Cost Sharing Partner to manage that part of Member benefits: how do they fit into my KNEW Health Membership? Are they experienced?

Our Medical Cost Sharing Partner is a benevolence organization that fosters direct non-insurance solutions to managing larger healthcare needs. They provide the framework and administrative support for our medical cost sharing Membership, as well as access to a number of supportive health services. Rather than try to start medical cost sharing from scratch, KNEW Health has partnered with a company that has years of experience and expertise in doing this.  We will be initially joining a pool with over 10,000 members to help ensure financial stability for our Members.  In this way our Members get the best of KNEW Health’s commitment to community, education, and support combined with an organization dedicated to delivering medical cost sharing in the best ways possible for long-term success and sustainability.

When we decided to create the best health care model possible here at KNEW Health, we knew there were a lot of items that needed expertise. To provide the most robust, consistent, and reliable medical cost sharing community, we decided to partner with an innovative industry leader with a substantial Member base and proven success.  Their parent company has been a leader in the medical cost sharing industry for 22 years. Over a million members have shared over a billion healthcare dollars successfully; it's a well-established industry and reliable business formula.

Our Medical Cost Sharing Partner provides a reputable and long-standing framework and structure to provide the back-end support our community counts on. We have worked with their team directly to create our model and enable us to create the ideal health-supportive community.

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