Does KNEW Health use deductibles and coinsurance?

No, KNEW Health instead uses "Initial Unshareable Amounts" (IUAs). An IUA is the initial amount you must pay, in any given year, towards a specific eligible medical need.

For example, if you needed to go to the hospital for a specific health issue eligible for sharing, such as a broken leg, the IUA is what you would pay first before the healthcare sharing pool kicks in for that need. You pay whatever level of IUA you signed up for ($500, $1,500, or $5,000) for any distinct eligible medical need you have in a given year.

To continue our example, if you then had to go to a doctor for a different illness, other than your broken leg, you would pay towards a new IUA for that need. In any given year, if you, as an individual, pay three full IUAs for three separate needs (or 5 IUAs for a family), you will no longer pay another IUA that year.

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