What is the process for paying my medical bills when I have a need?

At the time of service, you should disclose to medical providers (doctors, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, etc.) that you are a cash-pay patient. The provider will send their bills directly to the you. (In some cases, with smaller bills, under $500, providers demand payment at time of service, which you should pay then. Please do not pay any bills more than $500 at time of service, as that removes our ability to negotiate the bill down.)

To submit a Need, you would log in to your KNEW Health member portal. You would then select the tab "Submit or Update a Need" and follow the instructions. Most Needs take 14-60 days to process. For example, a need received by the end of September would be processed in October, and then the amount is paid to you, which you can use to pay the medical provider.

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