What happens if there are more medical needs from the community than available shares in a month?

Membership in Medical Cost Sharing requires agreeing to the fact that payment is never guaranteed but is always based on the commitment of the Members to each other. Sometimes needs from multiple months can be overlapped so that there is enough money for all the needs. However, in the unusual event that all needs cannot be met, our Medical Cost Sharing Partner uses a prorating method to evenly distribute the burden. For example, if there are only enough shares available for 90 percent of the needs submitted for a particular month, 90 percent of each need will be shared. In order to prevent this and cover needs fully, the concierge medical claims negotiators and the Members’ attempts to work with the medical provider to bring the costs of services down become essential for the whole community.

If prorating occurs three months out of six at any time, our Medical Cost Sharing Partner's Board will evaluate, with Member input, whether there need be an increase in the Monthly Member Contributions.

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