How might I plan an annual budget of health expenses?

Medical cost sharing is a unique and proven-successful model where Member budgeting is essential. Shareable and unshareable amounts are based on care provided to Members per Need. You will need to meet your chosen Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) for a Need before sharing can be requested.

If, in the unfortunate event, you have three medical incidents whose cost each exceeds your IUA in a Membership year, future incidents (within that Membership year) are immediately shareable. (For a Family membership, this removal of the IUA takes effect after five medical incidents whose cost each exceeds the IUA.)  When establishing an annual budget, you might think in terms of your maximum unshareable amount for large, unforeseen and new medical needs to be three times your IUA within your Membership year (or five times your IUA for a family).  We suggest keeping this on hand along with your monthly contributions for ideal annual budgeting. 

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