Who is a typical Member, and do I belong in the KNEW Health Community?

You are obviously wondering if you will find people like yourself in the Knew Health Community.  With a rich diversity of background, age, lifestyle, preferences, and politics, our Members and community embrace what makes us unique.  What we all have in common, however, is this: We are committed to wellness as a personal responsibility, and we are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. That goes for everyone on the KNEW Health staff, our coaches, and our Members too.  The specific choices we make in pursuit of optimal wellness will vary widely and shift and evolve over time; we are empowered to make the choices that resonate with each of us individually. On the other hand, what we have in common is powerful and brings us together as a family.  That is why a “typical” Member demographic does not exist. We welcome Members interested in protecting their future health while investing (especially time and energy) in their current personal health.

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