How much am I saving by switching to medical cost sharing?

The difference is often quite substantial. You can think of this in terms of month-to-month savings over the course of a year as well as in the event of unfortunate medical circumstances. You can compare what a monthly medical insurance premium would cost you (you may also need to factor in how much your employer is deducting from your pay to cover insurance, if applicable) compared to your monthly contribution as a Member of cost sharing. Imagine this monthly savings over a year being available to you for investing in your health or healthcare you believe in. Often it allows Members to easily pay for gym Membership, organic food, yoga class or other health opportunities that actually improve their health! The other way to estimate savings is in the event of new illness or injury. Most insurance deductibles are thousands of dollars, and most single events would not reach that threshold, meaning you pay for the event in full. With medical cost sharing, you choose your IUA as your net out-of-pocket share of the cost for each new event. Often, this can be paid for by the money saved in monthly fees alone.


To get you quick estimate for cost sharing, please visit our calculator here.

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