How does Functional Medicine fit into the KNEW Health Community model?

At KNEW Health, we believe in the paradigm of functional medicine and its commitment to determining and effectively improving or resolving the root cause of health concerns, ideally well in advance of them potentially becoming medical issues. The foundation of functional medicine is a lifestyle focused on harnessing one’s ideal health - in mind, body and spirit. This is a core tenet for us and why our Health Coaches are out in front in our care model, helping guide each individual towards a stronger foundation.

Our model supports Medical Cost Sharing as a safety net for managing unexpected, large medical expenses at a lower monthly cost.  A key purpose of this choice is putting more monthly funds back into our Members’ hands, so they may choose to invest in the preventative, maintenance, and wellness activities (or care for pre-existing conditions) that resonate most with them individually.  Integrative or functional practitioner services might be a part of a Member’s personal choices.

KNEW Health is also working to create an ideal model of care where a network of functional medicine providers will focus on a consistent care plan, in coordination with the KNEW Health Coaches and negotiated costs. This intention is to provide a reliable cost to Members along with the best model of care we know. We will continue to update Members as we build this model.

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