What are some of the services available for Members within the KNEW Health Community?

Here are some of the resources provided to KNEW Members via third-party companies who are available via our Medical Cost-Sharing Partner:

  • Billing concierge services are available to any Member who wishes to have a substantial medical bill negotiated professionally in order to minimize its cost.  This service is available to a Member regardless of whether that particular medical cost is shareable. This service can also help you to identify a suitable, low-cost provider of a particular medical service in your local area.
  • 24-hour Teladoc service is available to any Member who wishes to consult with a conventional physician via phone at any time for a personal or family member health concern.
  • 2nd.MD, our 2nd opinion service, is an opportunity to consult with a physician if members receive a new diagnosis or prior to major medical intervention or surgery in order to re-assess medical necessity and available alternatives. Our Medical Cost Sharing Partner actually requires this service in advance for Members who intend to pursue an elective surgery and submit those medical expenses for sharing. By using this service, members can reduce their IUA (Initial Unshareable Amount), if applicable, by 50%.
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