The 3rd C is Coaching. What is the role of the KNEW Health Coach?

At KNEW Health, we believe the well-trained Health Coach is the lowest-cost, most effective Health Care practitioner for helping Members to overcome mild, chronic challenges via targeted, sustainable lifestyle change.  Health coaches are specifically trained in providing targeted education, inspiration, empowerment, and accountability for each unique Member. In the early stages of a chronic condition, a Health Coach can partner with a member to help them get back on track (in their unique way) with lifestyle choices that are going to serve their best wellness.  In cases of more severe disease with a Member who is seeing a Physician for treatment, a Health Coach can assist in a complementary way to support the Member with follow-through and sustaining their health gains.

At KNEW Health, all of our Health Coaches are certified, educated significantly in functional medicine science, physician-supervised, and trained in KNEW Health coaching protocols.  We hire seasoned coaches with significant client experience and proven success. Our current coaches have been working with KNEW Health members directly and creating inspiring health improvement stories in people's lives for over a year.

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