What will KNEW Health Community specifically provide to enhance and sustain a common Culture of wellness?

As a KNEW Health Community Member, you gain access to curated health content, health education, and many other opportunities to take charge of and optimize your health. Some examples are:

  • Each Member will receive a KNEW Box in the mail which contains curated giveaway wellness tools and informational resources relevant to whole body-mind-spirit wellness.
  • Monthly Masterclasses with the best physician educators and biggest names in health creation speaking on topics such as disease prevention (e.g. Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Autoimmunity), the latest research findings in functional medicine research, creating healthy community, healthy eating/cooking, and much more...
  • Targeted topical webinars to empower Members with functional medicine insight on preventing various disease processes and various aspects of self-empowered wellness (e.g. cold/flu season, gut health, blood sugar management, body fat reduction, stress management, optimal exercise, sleep hygiene, eating hygiene, etc.)
  • Free or discounted access to apps that inspire and support your healthy exercise, meditation and sleep routines.
  • Online access to low-cost, proactive lab assessments where desired.
  • Access to low-cost, high-quality supplements.
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