What is KNEW Health about?

KNEW Health believes that our Members, in collaboration with wellness and medical providers of their choosing, have a natural incentive and ability to do what is best for the health of themselves and their families.  They also accept personal responsibility for making their own health care decisions. KNEW Health provides our Members an integrated set of services that we call the “5Cs”: Culture, Community, Coaching, Care, and Cost Sharing.  Together, these are designed to help our Members optimize their health throughout the shifts and changes of life. We believe we are all best served when we use the least expensive, least invasive, and most effective option for each health need. Our Members are focused on wellness, but unexpected illness and injury are a part of life.  It’s in those times that KNEW Health Community assists one another and shares the financial burden of medical care for these events (through our medical cost sharing partner). In sum, we offer health empowerment and freedom, but with the support and safety net of a like-minded community.

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