What happens if you don’t get 10,000 people signed up? Do I get my $99 back?

No---but you won’t lose out either. 

Your $99 will go toward funding the kNew Vision Tour (which you’ll receive 2 tickets for with your $99 sign up fee) which we’re doing specifically to get thousands of people signed up for the co-op. 

It will also go toward other promotional campaigns to raise awareness about integrative functional medicine, the healing power of community and the value of this co-op model.

Consider it a small $99 investment in a brand new model of healthcare coverage, functional medicine awareness and your very viable chance to become a founding member.

Plus, we have no intention of not reaching our 10,000-person goal. We’re staking an entire 40-city tour on it, so we’re in this with you all the way.

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