What is a cost-sharing community and how does it compare to traditional insurance?

Medical cost-sharing pools members’ monthly dues to share with fellow members as healthcare needs arise. The principles are similar to health insurance, you pay a monthly fee to receive a certain level of healthcare coverage, and when you submit a medical expense it’s "shared" by the community, similar to how a claim would be "reimbursed". 

The awesome things about this model are you choose your providers and care, it’s super-affordable compared to commercial insurance, it’s integrative-medicine-friendly and it’s based on peer-to-peer support---health-minded people sharing the healthcare costs of other health-minded people. 

So, instead of paying an insurance company an exorbitant monthly amount for coverage you barely use, you’re paying into a health-minded community that distributes your monthly share among members who require it, while incentivizing community and self-health creation.

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