Can diabetes be reversed?

Doctors and Diabetes and Eating Crow*

Over the years, I have supported many docs as clients, and a few of them have been my favorites. Dr. G was one of them. I used to meet her at the food court next to the hospital where she worked in Boston. You only had to take one look at the droves of docs in scrubs scarfing down burgers, soda and fries to know that there was huge opportunity at hand!

Dr. G came to me after “treating” her Type 2 diabetes for a year with metformin. I’ll always remember what she said during our initial consultation, “So here’s the truth:  I don’t really believe that diabetes can be completely undone. But if I’m wrong, I really want to know what you know.  So I am willing to suspend disbelief and give it a try.”

Whew. Talk about an intimidating kick-off!

But to her word, she did give it an honest try. And Dr. G got amazing results! She was able to stop using metformin after about 3 months. Her HbA1c went from over 9% to 5.6% in 10 months. Yes: less than one year. Clinically, that is going from essentially out-of-control diabetes to non-diabetic.

The work we did together follows almost exactly what I teach in our Diabetes Be Gone! seminar. It worked like a charm. We made a number of critical changes, but there are a few specific pearls I want to share with you….

  • 100% elimination of all grains….at least for a while. The major challenge in reversing diabetes is “shocking” cells back into higher insulin sensitivity. In most cases, I find this requires making more severe dietary changes for a short time – typically 3-6 months. Then after the healing mode, a healthy maintenance diet can be more expanded.
  • Magnesium. Insulin resistance impairs magnesium absorption, and low magnesium creates insulin resistance.  A vicious cycle. Every single diabetic client I have ever supported had suboptimal magnesium. It’s important to ensure that it’s RBC Magnesium (not serum Magnesium) being evaluated. Dr. G was clinically low and needed a hefty daily dose (nearly 1000mg/day of mag glycinate) to get her levels up to even mid-normal.
  • Fat is where it’s at. Dr. G was like many of our clients: still brainwashed about the supposed danger of liberal dietary fat intake. She was amazed that I recommended eliminating oatmeal and whole wheat bread entirely (100%) and adding in (a lot of!) avocado, eggs, and coconut oil. Dietary fat increases satiety (by triggering a hormone called cholecystokinin or CCK) and helps to alleviate cravings for more refined carbohydrates. Beyond diabetes, this can also help greatly with weight loss.
Dr. G was definitely wildly satisfied. And as she put it, “delighted to eat crow”*, having seen for herself that diabetes can indeed be reversed.  
She sent me several other clients, including a few other MDs. I am still so grateful for the opportunity to help someone who generously helps others.
It takes courage to live on purpose and acknowledge the truth about where your choices are taking you. I hope her story is inspiring to you in your own wellness journey!
*The term "eating crow" refers to a strongly-held belief being proven incorrect.
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