What training do your Health Coaches have?

At KNEW Health, we believe everyone can own their wellness to achieve greater vitality and prevent future disease. You can do this and we can help. We are not a sick care provider (you should retain your existing, separate primary care physician for acute and urgent health needs). We are in the business of wellness promotion partnerships.  

The heart of your KNEW Program is your ongoing relationship with your personal KNEW Health Coach.

He or she will meet with you regularly to educate, inspire and empower you to reach your health goals. You will also be able to exchange Q&A in between appointments.

Your KNEW Health Coach will interface with our medical team to bring customized wellness guidance to you throughout your Program. We will use all of our available resources to give you sound, effective guidance to meet your goals. We want to help you discover what you need most.

Your physician-supervised, functional medicine-trained KNEW Health Coach is certified in Health Coaching and trained in functional medicine science. They also have significant clinical experience in helping clients to achieve major improvements in wellness. They will interact with the KNEW medical team on your behalf to provide targeted recommendations in light of your health goals. 

Our goals are always clear and simple.

(1) Help you to get well and stay well.  

(2) Help you save money in the process. Bringing these two goals together, our aim is to help you maximize your health and your empowerment and to minimize your need to spend money on sick care.

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